STEP Cayman Celebrates Achievements of Cayman members.

STEP Cayman is very proud to celebrate the achievements of three of our Cayman students, who were among the highest-scoring students from the 2019 sittings across all STEP exams globally. Many congratulations to:

Leyla Jackson of Scotiabank and Trust (Cayman) Limited, who was one of the two highest-scoring Diploma graduates across all four papers and all jurisdictions;

Lee Hart, CA, FII, TEP of Genesis Trust & Corporate Services Ltd., who was one of the highest scoring students worldwide in obtaining the STEP Advanced Certificate in Trust Administration & Accounts and STEP Advanced Certificate in Trust Creation: Law & Practice; and

Sophie Dibb of Walkers, whose high marks in obtaining the STEP Certificate in International Trust Management also placed her among the highest scoring students worldwide.

Fantastic results – well done!