Welcome to the STEP Cayman Islands website.

The Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP) is a global professional body, comprising lawyers, accountants, trustees and other practitioners that help families plan for their futures. The work of STEP members ranges from drafting a will to advising on issues concerning international families, protection of the vulnerable, family businesses and philanthropic giving.   STEP provides confidence to families by setting standards, training and educating our members, and upholding those standards. Full STEP members, known as TEPs, are internationally recognised as experts in their field, with proven qualifications and experience.

STEP has more than 21,000 members across 96 countries. All STEP members belong to a branch or chapter that provides professional development and opportunities to network with peers at a local level. There are 110 branches and chapters across the world. STEP members help families plan for their futures

Since its establishment in 1997, STEP Cayman has grown dramatically from its beginnings as a niche society for accountants and lawyers working with trusts, to a highly engaged body of world-class trust professionals employed across the financial services industry.  Working alongside STEP’s global operations, STEP Cayman’s primary goals are to inform and educate its members, and to promote and develop the branch more widely including by discussing openly the issues surrounding trusts and wealth management from a global perspective.  Cayman’s sophistication in this area, its transparent regulatory infrastructure and the role of Cayman trusts in the global economy means that the Branch has great support from local industry to meet those goals.

STEP Cayman is very active in Cayman’s financial services industry and contributes regularly to local and international initiatives, including taking a leading role in explaining our branch’s views and expertise to the Government, the regulator and the public, as well as focusing on the education and continued professional development of our branch members. This website is a continuation of that process; a chance for us to update our members on important developments in our jurisdiction and to provide access to and connections with global STEP initiatives, but also to inform our global connections of why the Cayman Islands is a preferred jurisdiction for high net worth individuals and family offices seeking skilled and experienced trusts and estates advisors, not only for their own investment and wealth-planning needs, but also to establish long term connections with for those looking to relocate here.

As can be seen from this website, the talented and highly-qualified professional service providers residing here are experts in their field, supported by a robust government and highly-respected judiciary, as well as strong infrastructure and sophisticated lifestyle offerings.  With strong links to the global STEP community, and extensive support in all areas of education and professional development, our branch membership base continues to grow from strength to strength.  

Chair, STEP Cayman Islands